Major League Soccer – Beginner player program

This age group will focus on the basic soccer skills such as dribbling, passing and shooting through fun games and lesson plans. Your child will get a lot of touches on the ball through our every player has a ball model. This will allow them to feel very comfortable with the ball at their feet and engage them during each session. We will also present real game situations to them through scrimmages. It is our goal to make sure your child’s first experience in the sport of soccer is a positive and fun one!

English Premier League – Intermediate level player program

We will focus on making sure all players in this age group can do the basic soccer skills of dribbling, passing and shooting at a consistent level. We want each player to feel confident with the ball and will introduce 1v1 moves to show players how to beat opponents in game situations. Game concepts will be introduced at this age to help prepare players to excel in the sport. Some topics included in this age will be attacking moves, defending and team strategy.

Champions League – Advanced level player program

This age group will focus on all the basic skills of soccer as well as begin to introduce the importance of agility and nutrition. Each player will get a lot of touches with the ball through an engaging warm-up that works on ball control and 1v1 moves before playing small-sided games to allow for team concepts. We will make sure all of the players understand how to play all positions and the roles and responsibilities that come with a soccer match. This will be the age group where we also help players to reach their goal of playing in High School.


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